Why did Windbusters choose Slingshot Kite brand


Today I want to tell you why I decided to choose Slingshot as my school brand.

First of all, Slingshot is a historic brand as well as one of the pioneers of Kitesurfing and Wakeboarding equipment. They have always chosen the best riders (like Youri Zoon) all over the world and with them they have always ranked among the first places in the PKRA and GKA world championships. Their materials have always been the best on the market and their secret, in my opinion, is the obsessive attention to detail. The team is excellent in the field and their reliability has been noticed over time. As for the kites, duration and breaking risks of a bar or a kite of their own are very low, since they use resistant and high quality materials. All these ones are very important features for a school to take into account, both for safety issues and for the duration of a kite.

During these years I have bought and tried several kites by various brands. All of them were certainly good, they worked very well, since technology has evolved in such a way that it is very difficult to find by now any kite on the market that is not worth it! However, after twelve years of kitesurfing, I have now learned to recognize from very little details who makes the difference and who instead builds a kite for a short-term business only.

For more than a decade Slingshot has been building, for example, its two mainstays RPM and FUEL, which are an Open C-Kite and a pure C-Kite respectively. The project is always the same, with little difference in small details like the fabric, graphics and a few more tricks, but the performance never changes and whoever buys such a kite know what they are purchasing (it’s guaranteed!). This is because there is no reason to change anything that works perfectly, with such a unique performance in this field. The assistance service is also excellent: for any problem they are always very careful of their customers and they will quickly solve any problem (if there is any!).

In short, I chose Slingshot for their reliability. Their kites are made to last much longer, thanks to the safety and reliability of their materials, which also improve their performance. Furthermore, their price is right.

Aloha WindBuster.
Till the next time!