Corsi di kitesurf allo Stagnone di Marsala

Kitesurfing Courses


Kitesurfing Courses at the Stagnone lagoon in Marsala


From a first-sailing to an advanced level, in WindBusters School you will certainly find the most suitable course for you!

Join us and start your training, whatever your starting level, whether you have your own equipment or not. Our School strives to deliver you the best and safest experience. And if the wind forecast would not be good enough, our instructors will lead you to discover Western Sicily, reaching one of the many other kitesurfing spots covered by WindBusters.



    Our courses are individual, with an instructor focused only on you. Our licensed instructors can speak Italian, English, Spanish and French.


    When necessary, you can rely on our support boat: it will quickly bring you back upwind, avoiding unnecessary waste of energy.



    Brand-new equipment every year by Slingshot, one of the few brands with a wide range of Wing and Foil gear.



    Far away from the most crowded hubs where other kitesurfing schools operate, we are settled in a safer area of the Stagnone Lagoon, with much more space and less kiters in the water. Besides, our instructors are also licensed in first aid assistance.


    What makes us different from the other schools at the Stagnone Lagoon:


    1. Location: the WindBusters School is placed at the very beginning of the southern side of the Lagoon, where the water is flat enough for a quick development in kitesurfing skills, but also deeper and more suitable for wingfoiling sessions.


    2. Tailor-made courses are adapted to the previous experience and skills of the learner, in order to optimise time during the course and not to waste it in developing coordination skills the learner might already have.


    The WindBusters main training objective is to help you get the best results. This is the reason why our courses are always individual (a single instructor for a single learner), for a constant and customised training which aims for quality instead of quantity.


Duration: 1,5 hours

First sailing

Do you have any doubt about your inclination to kitesurfing? Would you rather experiment it before subscribing a complete entry-level course?

No problem: WindBusters can help you approach this wonderful sport with a trial training of an hour and a half, made up of: 30 minutes of theory on dry land, focused on equipment assembly, safety rules and wind window; 1 hour of practice, focused on your first kite flying. We provide you with proper equipment.

€ 100

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First sailing

Duration: 6 hours

Basic course

The course has a duration of 6 hours, made up of 1 hour of theory and 5 hours of practice, possibly distributed into 2/3 days.

The theoretical part focuses on the following topics: wind different directions (the wind compass) and their intensity, safety rules, wind window, right of way, S.E.A. assessment (Spot, Environment, Activity) and equipment assembly.

The practical part focuses on your first kite flying, water re-launching, body dragging, body dragging upwind and downwind (or powerstroke), body dragging with a board, steady pull (a preliminary position to the boardstart), waterstart (boardstart first attempts).

€ 350

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Corso base

Duration: 6 hours

Intermediate course

A 6-hours package of intermediate lessons will help you improve your skills and refine some different techniques. You will train on sailing upwind, jibing and tacking, and you will even approach your first jumps.

A WindBusters School kite instructor will monitor you all the time using a radio, in order to correct you in real time and speed up your training.

€ 360

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Corso intermedio

Duration: 2 hours

Advanced course

If you are already able to sail upwind, jump, tack and jibe at this point, and you wish to go further trying some adrenalinic freestyle manoeuvre in all safety, this is the course for you.

Our licensed instructor Giovanni, a kiter with an over ten years’ experience, will make your dreams come true, training you step-by-step in several freestyle tricks (raley, unhooked backroll, F16 and much more).
Besides, if you love riding waves, he will teach you how to kite on a strapless surfboard and he will guide you in your first wave riding. As with the other courses, our School will provide you with all the proper equipment for this level (freestyle sails, surfboards, etc).

€ 140

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Corso avanzato