Why Kitesurfing is one of the safest sports in the days of Coronavirus


Since May 4th, after two months of quarantine and many sacrifices that each of us has made for their own health, individual activities related to kitesurfing have been taken back, to the delight of all kitesurfers. Today I want to explain to you why kitesurfing is one of the first activities to be taken back and also why kitesurfing is still one of the safest sports, even in the later stages of this pandemic.

First of all, kitesurfing is an individual sport, so this is an activity people always practice alone. Furthermore, the kite technically flies at a distance of 25 meters from our body, so both on the beach and in the water you have to keep a distance of at least 75 meters in order to guarantee the maximum safety.

The operations of assembly and disassembly of the equipment are also carried out remotely, which is the reason why the lines of the bar must be clearly stated and divided between them. This operation requires the right distance between a kite and another.

As for the areas where we usually practice kitesurfing, it is clear that these are naturally very spacious places where keeping interpersonal distances becomes very easy. Moreover, reportedly, the sea is not a vehicle for any infections and the wind greatly facilitates the exchange of air.

For all these reasons, Kitesurfing was one of the first sports to be taken back and, as a result, it will be one of the safest sports to practice.

As for the courses,they apply what has been said up to now, also because the lessons will be carried out in maximum safety and keeping the right distance. In fact, all our courses are carried out according to IKO standards which guarantee safety, a quick learning and an assured result. The standards adopted by our school allow us to respect the current health safety distance without compromising our safety in the sea. Both my collaborators and I adopt teaching techniques that are certified and recognized all over the world.

All the stages we are going through in terms of health safety will have their complications, but we can assume that kitesurfing, belonging to water sports and for all the reasons described above, is still an activity with the least risk of all.

Aloha WindBuster!