Why choose the Stagnone Lagoon in Marsala to learn kitesurfing


One of the most frequent doubts that arise when you decide to enter the world of Kitesurfing is to choose the most suitable spot where to carry out the course, both from the point of view of safety, a primary aspect for those people approaching this sport, and for what concerns the intrinsic conditions of the place that can facilitate and speed up your learning.

First of all, therefore, I want to talk about safety because this aspect has a fundamental importance, especially for a beginner, and if it is neglected or even only superficially faced it can negatively affect the entire learning stage, making the course more difficult and making you approach the lessons with fears and fears, which absolutely must not happen, as our goal is the maximum fun.

For this reason, the Stagnone in Marsala, one of the largest lagoons in Europe, is the ideal place to approach kitesurfing and follow your basic course, as the water is always flat and allows you to carry out the course in absolute safety without the help of any boat. The shallow water (never higher than one and a half meters) makes it extremely easy to return to the starting point or return to the beach, virtually reducing any risk to zero.

As for the peculiar conditions of the spot and what makes it unique in its kind (as mentioned above, the shallow and always flat water), they can speed up learning because there are no waves (not even small ones) that could make you lose the balance, which is quite unstable at first. Touching the seabed, you will be able to manage the wing faster, especially the first part.
As for space, obstacles and / or dangers, I can tell you that the Stagnone has an immense extension (about 2000 ha) which therefore allows absolute freedom of movement with a lot of free space, as there are no swimmers.

The wind exposure of the spot is the maximum that could be asked for in nature. The Stagnone embraces 7 out of 8 directions, practically all winds except the Levante which is off.
With such a wind exposure, the Stagnone is one of the windiest spots in Europe with an annual average of 300 days of wind, what makes it the real kitesurfing mecca in Italy and Europe.

Finally, I can tell you that Marsala is a very beautiful town also from the point of view of the nightlife, with its typical bars and kiosks where to have an aperitivo at sunset and spend your evening in pleasant company. In addition, the restaurants are excellent and the fish is always fresh.

All this makes this place unique in its kind and I can say, from the feedback I received, people who came to visit us generally fell in love with this place, and they have always come back with pleasure.

Aloha WindBuster!
Till the next time!