Which Kite is worth buying to start kitesurfing?


In this article I will recommend you which type of kite to buy immediately after completing the basic course and reaching an independent level, that is, the level in which you are able to go upwind in both directions, change the tack, launch and land a kite.

It often happens to many of my pupils, even before finishing the course, to ask questions about the types of kites, bars and boards. This thing makes me very enthusiastic, as it means they begin to get passionate about this sport and they are therefore already looking forward to seeing themselves glide on the water with a kite.

First of all I must point out that by now all kites are made with a total depower system, which is a safety system that makes you sure that when you let the bar go, the kite loses all its power. This actally means, never buy a kite without this system.

The different types of kites are the C-Kite, the SLE and the Delta. I do not recommend you to buy a C-Kite for any reason. C-Kites are in fact 5-line kites and their shape is designed for freestyle and wakestyle maneuvers. Their wind range is very limited and the waterstart is quite complicated, especially for those who have recently approached this sport.

SLEs are 4-line kites and they have different shapes depending on the brand, they can ressemble a C-shape, called Open-C, such as the RPM, but being 4-line they are easier to use and also allow you to approach some freestyle and wakestyle maneuvers.

Delta Kites, with 4 lines too, have a more rounded shape and are very powerful kites, with a very wide wind range. They are very fast in the waterstart, given their shape, and they are able to get a wide upwind angle. In short, a freeride kite is good to start.

At this point, after showing you – even if briefly – the various kite models, I can suggest you to buy an SLE or a Delta at first, for the reasons explained above.

Till the next time and …

Aloha WindBuster!