Thermal-wind day in San Giuliano (Trapani)


As usual, I was checking the forecast last night for today on the various spots, in order to know where the conditions would be the best to make a nice kite trip, I was looking preferably at some seaside spot instead of the usual Stagnone Lagoon (Marsala). To my great satisfaction, I realised that a nice north-easterly wind was to blow in San Giuliano, a beach along the Trapani seafront. Very good! I went to bed super happy, confident about going out this morning…

Wake up at 7.30 with a single thought in mind: I checked the forecast again to confirm. Luckily they had not changed, so I called the guys in Trapani around 9 and they told me that around 12 they would be at the spot … great, “see you there!” I answered.

I was the first to arrive on the spot, around 12 PM, there was no kiter but already a wind with a speed of 20 kt at least. The sand was flying and the colour of the sea seemed like the one in the Caribbean, the temperature was optimal and I had a great desire to plunge into the water. Then a kiter friend of mine, Vito, immediately arrived. Smiles on our faces, we said hello, we had some chat, we talked about the wind and the size of the kite that should be used.

We choose the 7-meter one, since in the meantime the wind had also increased to about 25 knots of speed and, considering that both him and I wanted to use the strapless surfboard and train a little bit with it, a small size was even better. We equipped and jumped into the water. In the meantime I saw all the other friends arriving: Cristian, Giovanni etc …

The wind was perfect, the sea conditions excellent, the seagulls playing among our kiters. What can I say? … Pure adrenaline.

I’ve been in the water for at least 2 hours trying some tricks. A break of about 30 minutes in which we discussed about the stunts, there was no one without a smile on their face, as usual… everyone was super happy for the condition and excited to find ourselves once again surfing together in a heavenly spot .

I entered the water again for a second session, despite the wind had dropped a little bit but nothing special. I went out very well with my 7-meter and my strapless surfboard, and after about an hour and a half I was nicely exhausted. Okay for today … super satisfied!

I’ve been kitesurfing on this spot for about 10 years and each time it gives me a different feeling. Once out of the water, as usual … we all find ourselves together in the first kiosk on the beach to have a beer, super satisfied with that tiredness that you always wish to have, that feeling of total relaxation in which you don’t think about anything and you enjoy that moment all the way through.

This was today’s experience. I’ll leave you with that: not everything can be described with words but it must be tried. I hope you too want to experience these unique emotions.

Till the next time and …

Aloha Windbuster!