Talking about Kite with... Ciccio Zappa


Today I want to tell you about a nice chat I had with a very dear friend of mine, with whom I have been going out kiting for many years.

We were on Ciammarita beach in Trappeto, a spot near Palermo, where we learned how to kitesurf about 10 years ago.

After a beautiful kite session we found ourselves, as usual, at the kiosk of the beach, drinking some beers and relaxing. We were super tired, after 5 hours of kitesurfing you feel all your muscles sore, we were admiring the sea, there was still some wind and at a certain point Ciccio says to me “how nice it is to kite!”. I answered him “it’s the best thing that could have happened to us!”. We looked each other in our faces and we said “damn we are exhausted, but this kind of tiredness is a good one, it relaxes you, it doesn’t make you think about anything anymore, both when you are in the kite and after”.

At a certain point I said to him “Do you know that for some time I prefer to go out to the sea rather than at the Stagnone?”, then he stares at me saying “Giovanni, there’s no doubt… the sea is the sea!”.

We kept talking a bit more about the topic: those feelings which the sea, the waves and the high water can give to you are unrivalled. The Stagnone Lagoon is very beautiful… it’s easy, you learn many tricks, you learn quickly and you are always in maximum safety, but the sea is the sea!

According to Ciccio, the Stagnone is fantastic at first, because you are at the beginning and you have a lot of fun, but after a few years you would naturally like to go out to the sea, you want to jump or surf the waves, enjoying a different feeling of freedom.

This is why he then told me: “I suggest you to let your pupils learn at the Stagnone but, immediately afterwards, they have to go out to sea, so as to make them feel a different emotion, let them develop their skills in the sea, in order to let them become independent, self-confident and familiar with other conditions”.

I had been thinking about that for a long time, and when he showed me his thoughts, I smiled at him saying “that’s why I created WindBusters!”.

He smiled back and said to me “in fact, that’s why I went crazy when you showed me your project and now that you’ve done it, I’m really happy for you!”.

After a while I saw him looking at the forecast with his phone. I told him: “how is the weather tomorrow?” and he replies “there could be thermal wind again”.

Have you just finished kiting and you are already looking at the forecast? Well yes, my dear! Kitesurfing becomes an addiction, you can’t live without it anymore! Adrenaline, endorphins and all the rest provoke a sort of addiction, so that you wished to go out kiting as early as the next day.

If you join this world you will understand it, it can be explained in words but, like everything else, you have to try it to believe.

Aloha WindBuster!