Sicily: a "tropical" island for Kitesurfing all year round


Today I will try to remove any doubts about the favorable weather conditions in Sicily that allow us to practice kitesurfing all year round.

I must admit that when I started kitesurfing – exactly 11 years ago – the average temperatures during the winter season were quite prohibitive. In fact, in the coldest months such as January and February the maximum daily temperatures were around 8° to 10° C. In these conditions, the water was really cold and if you were not properly dressed (with gloves, shoes, hood, etc …) you could get quite sick.

For several years, however, perhaps due to climate change, something has changed.

I can absolutely say that winter in Sicily is gradually disappearing. It is not a baseless statement: when you take a look at the attached table (source: Il you can realise that the average maximum temperatures have never gone below 15° C over the months. January, February and December with 16° C and even November and March with 19° and 17° C respectively!

With these temperatures the water does not cool down that much and kitesurfing becomes really pleasant. In fact, for example, in the month of December I went kitesurfing for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with temperatures around 18° C. It was really good! The month of January was amazing, with peaks of 20° C, also due to the sirocco wind. It seemed like spring!

We are in February, today we went out in Petrosino Beach with about 15° C and my friend Francesco didn’t even use the hood!

Thus, in my opinion, Sicily is becoming, if it is not already, a tropical island. Of course we do not have 25° C all year round but with these temperatures I assure you everything is very nice.

Aloha WindBuster!
Till the next time!